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World Takeover Federation Wrestling

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"Nobody ever said it'd be easy."
Vinny Rattlocke

Back in 2005...

. You had to put up with Indy fed after Indie fed trying to be like the "Big Time" wrestling feds on TV. Out went descent storylines, fun matches, and cool characters.

. That all changed when Self-proclaimed Genius, Dr. Julien Konquor, decided that the only way to change it is to do one thing... TAKE OVER IT!!!

. Since that decision, Konquor has been searching over the ends of Earth looking for his supermen to lead him to victory. He has been high and low, getting down and dirty as well, and finally on Friday, May 13, 2005, he released "World Takeover Federation Wrestling (WTFW)" into the world.

. Using wrestlers with high caliber styles, all different, but effective, as his soldiers. Konquor plans to Bring back a comic-bookish style to the Independent Wrestling circuit. With flamboyant characters like the ever-glowing "Vinny Rattlocke", to the ever-violent streetgang weapons specialist "Psyclone J.", and the raw power of the tomb-slinging, shovel-weilding, "Mr. Graves". His start may have been small, but it has proven to take notice amoungst other feds.

Current Day...

. Even after only a few shows, WTFW has proven that it's not just the wrestling, it's the show. With hundreds of fans flocked to want more of this, It'll be up to Konquor where he will make his next move.

. They have already made several firsts in Pro Wrestling(Go to WTFW Firsts for more info) which have also proven to be a success. And now having found more soldiers to join up with him. Like "Yukora", the 1,000 fist ninja. "Sonya Blackhawk", the fatal-feminine fury. "Grinner" the sadistic, yellow-masked monster. Konquor's even has gained control of the original campground-killer, "Jason Vorhees".

. So, When Dr. Konquor decides to do another exhibition with the warriors of WTFW, you know it's gonna be crazy, violent, unpredictable, and fun!

Taking over the world(of wrestling) One Drop toe hold at a time.