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Current news as of:

House of pain match.

We would like to announce that Fat Stuff has defeated Mr. Graves to become the new WTFW Streetcore Champion! there was a lot of Violence, and a lot of blood. and you can watch it on DVD when it realeases in the next couple of weeks.
We would also like to announce that Vinny Rattlocke has won and is still retaining the SHW World Title after defeating Johnny Turbo, and then defending it agains Scrubbz McGee. Vinny will also be defending the title at SHW in Corydon, IN on June 30th. for ticket info, contact Vinny at at his myspace, or Fat Suff at his. just go to the Myspace section of this website.

shows for this month:
JUNE 23rd:
Hey guys, if anyone is interested, we are going to be going back up to Connersville for TCWA. You will finally see Grinner go up against Mr. Graves in a falls count anywhere match. and some of our new friends fro SHW will becoming up to show everyone how hardcore is done! this will be on June 23rd. that's a saturday.

JUNE 30th:

June 30th may have one of the scariest and bloodiest matches in SHW History when the SHW Hardcore Champion, Kyle Cobain, Faces the New WTFW Streetcore Champion, Fat Stuff, in a "House of Pain Match"

Right now, we're looking at 100+ Light tubes, and various barbed-wire covered objects... In side a Cage made out of BARBED WIRE!

If you think you're sadistic enough, get your tickets as soon as possible for this night. that match alone will be worth it!

you will also see in action the SHW stars: Violator, Rob Fury, Zach McCoy, Johnny Turbo and more!
Also you will see the WTFW stars like: Scrubbz McGee, Mr. Graves, Grinner, and TAF members Vinny Rattlocke, and Psyclone J.
the blood will flow like rain on that night, so get your ticket and your parka!
IMPORTANT: There will also be a special announcement right after the main event.

< 4/09/07
WTFW is going back to SHW this sunday...

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You can get advanced tickets for only $5 email us at to get your ticket.

Hey everybody! It's BombDropper here to give you some recent news that's up with everything in WTFW.
First off, Some of you may have read in our earlier blogs that we have started a fundraiser to purchase a brand new custom made belt.
Well, Two of our wrestlers, Psyclone J. and Vinny Rattlocke Have donated some of their items to the cause. Psyclone is even giving up some of his Japanese deathmatch videos, And Vinny his video games. You can check out all of their sales Here at

All of these sales will go towards getting us a new belt. So, check'em out!
Feb 12, 2007
fundraiser for a brand new belt.

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OK, Everybody. The Bombdropper here to let you all know that we are going to be holding a special thing for us. We see all of these other indie feds that have either toy belts, or replica WWE belts with tape or decals on them. And let me tell you... They look like SH*T!

So, as of right now, Dr. Konquor has decided that all purchases made on our webstore at will go toward us having a custom made championship belt for us. As of right now, we are looking into the best belt makers for the job, But we feel we even know we have gotten the budget planned.

For the Type of custom belt we are looking for will run us $450, and $75 for a rush delivery. So, that will be $525 total.

We've already gotten donations and purchases that have gotten the total to $65.00, so we're off to a great start!
as soon as we reach our goal, we will have the belt designed, made, and shipped to us so we can start shooting for television show. We want to look our best for the TV. So, go ahead and buy a video, DVD, Or even donate a quarter to the cause. Cause we can't takeover the world (of wrestling) without you.

Bombdropper signing out.

January 20, 2007

You will be able to catch most of the WTFW stars at the upcoming RCCW show in Richmond, Indiana on February 3, 2007, at the Boys and Girls Club. This is promising to be an awesome show. This is an exclusive first! It seems that WTFW's own ,Mr. Graves, will be defending his Streetcore title in a special "Title Toss-up" match in which four champions will have their belts put up on a pole in each corner. Then the four champions, and four other wrestlers will be battling to either get their belts back, or new titles may change hands.
Now since Mr. Graves is a Streetcore Champion, we have no word yet if there will be streetcore rules in this match. Word on this later.

Also, we here at WTFW would like to announce that we have aligned ourselves with United States Wrestling Promotions. SOme people may have asked why we came crawling to them for support. We have this answer...
They came to us to ask us to join. And we checked our options. We feel this will benefit us more to ally this group. So, welcome aboard USWP!


New belts to be made

WTFW would like to welcome new wrestlers Nefarius, Yukora, and Grinner to the team. All are very well equipped and have a wide range in skills. We feel that they'll be a nice addition to the team.
We will be running another College show at Franklin College in the spring. The exact date hasn't been decided yet, but we'll keep you posted.
We will be working with a special beltmaker for a re-tuning of our championship belts. Once we get our firstbelt from them, will be posting pics and have a link up.
On an important note, the match held between newcomers C-Note and Grinner has proven tragic, C-Note has passed on due to complications. Our thoughts and prayers go out to C-Note.
This is the Bombdropper signing off.

WTFW's First Video!!!
Charity Show in Connersville!!!

that what i said, we are finally finishing our first video for you to take home and view! We proudly present "Operation Fan-Cam". In the past, WTFW was not a rich company, as a matter of fact, we're still not. So, cameras weren't easy to come by. So, we would always find some fan who was taping at the shows and get a copy off them. then we got a camera, but we wanted to keep the tradition going. So, we find fans to run the camera for us. Cause fans are honest if they see something they don't like. and you'll find out in this video, it stays true! with old matches dating back to 2002, we have some of wtfw's only footage matches in existence! with matches from Vinny Rattlocke, Psyclone J., Mr Graves, Jason Vorhees, Reficule, D'Lo Brown, Miss Lollipop, even A hardcore midget match!!! This promises to be a great video. and it should be making it's debut at connersville on nov. 25th.tapes will be selling for $6, and a portion of the proceeds will go to charity.

CHRISTMAS FOR KIDS proceeds from this show go to connersville council of clubs E.W. Tatman Underpriviledges Children's CHRISTMAS Fund Please come and support area Children. SAT. NOV 25th SHOW EXPO HALL Connersville Indiana Bell at 7:30pm DOORS FOR THIS EVENT WILL OPEN AT 12 NOON. there will be events,live music,autograph signing, photo season, and other activitys all day up until 630pm alot of different people have been invited to this event and we are not sure who all will showup yet you may be surprised. we will post any and all comfermations as we get them light heavyweight contender match, lightheavyweigh title match, heavyweight title match, tagteam title match, pain, pyscho kid, haydes, darc angel, Vinny Rattlocke, reaper, chapel, riot, warcloud, harley steel, fls, Mr. Graves, TAC, Brandon Prophet, havoc, aron extreme, hell raiser, freak show, rev.grimm, patriot, others to be announced later.


Saturday, August 19th

1 night, 2 rings, 4 feds
IWA, RCCW, TIW, and WTFW present

from wrestling superstars from
Rose City Championship Wrestling, International Wrestling Alliance, Total Independent Wrestling, and World Takeover Federation Wrestling!!!

semi main event: Bobo Brazil Jr. vs. Dick the Bruiser Jr.

Main Event: Big O'l Battle Royal

With special appearance by former WWF/WWE tag team champion DEMOLTION AXE!!!

And seel WTFW superstars: Scrubbz McGee, Vinny Rattlocke, Mr. Graves, Psyclone J. and some new talent!
Where?: Boys and Girls Club of Wayne County
1717 south L St. Richmond, IN

Doors open at 6:30 PM, bell rings at 7:15
autograph session from 6:45 to 7:15

Tickets: Adults-$10, Kids under 12-$6, Boys&Girls club members-$3

Card subject to change.


G. A. B.


Bombdropper here to answer some of you questions about why the name has been changed from What the Fuck? Wrestling to World Takeover Federation Wrestling. Basically, the name hasn't really been dropped, but just a different name to place over for a friendlier approach, so mommy and daddy won't keep little timmy away. But we are still insane, still unpredictable, still violent, and still fun! Bombdropper signing off.


First of all, bombdropper here congragulating everyone for an awesome show this past Saturday at the Chi's "Lambdapalooza 2006". It was a big turnout of close to 250 people at first match. Unfortunately, the cover band that was there was too egotistical to be second fiddle tried to get people uninterested by playing through their second break, hoping people would leave by the time they were done. Too bad they were wrong!!! as soon as they were done, the crowd moved back over to watch the rest of the line up. First match was an awesome match for the streetcore championship, and the last two was just as exciting. the crowd got to see all of what WTFW had to offer. And when we thought we were done, The people wanted an encore! So, Vinny and Graves decided to "break in" the new refs. it was outstanding. And without a shadow of a doubt, Franklin College will have WTFW back again. We will have pics up soon from the show, and results as well! From all of us here at WTFW, we thank the Franklin College, and to the Chi's, for being such splendid hosts. Chi's rule!!!
Now, in important matters, WTFW is not just run by one person, but a board of people who decide on what takes place at the fed. And it does sadden me to announce, due to some lies and no call-no shows, WTFW are going to be cutting people from their roster. First cut is the tag team of Havok and Vandal. The reason is that they had told the fed they were able to work, then were never heard from again. Turns out, they went to another fed to watch a show. Dumb move, if you ask me. Next cut is Dante. He claimed he wasn't going to be able to work that night. turns out, he lied to work for another fed. Now, this is not because of the other fed. Infact, WTFW has no problems with the fed or their owner, although, some of their wrestlers open their mouths when they, themselves, have no room to talk. It was not because he worked for another fed. It was because he lied to WTFW. So, that's our way of "loosing weight" in the fed. We can't run a great promotion with "flip-flop" workers. This is the bombdropper signing off.


WTF?W had to issue an emergency match last night for the 13 belt. Due to The current champion at the time (Chapel) not being able to make it to the match, he surrendered the belt to be put up for grabs. And WTF?W Got the wrestlers for the match. Mr. Graves and... JASON VOORHEES!!! The match was put on in a room at the Lamda Chi Alpha house in Franklin, IN. The match was a "No Ring, No Rules" match. Upon entering the area, Graves was stripped of his shovel, and Jason of his machete. They were only aloud the weapons in the room. And use them they did. They used everything around them from a steel chair, to a poker playing card? In the end, Graves goes to sumit Jason, not remembering that it's Jason Voorhees. Jason then submits Graves by squeezing his arm so tight, Graves quits the match there and then. How ever Jason does not finish him off. Most are puzzled on why Jason did not finish off. Personally, I believe that Jason has a bit of respect for Graves. Either way, Jason Is the new F-13 champ. The belt is home. We will have highlights from last nights match on here asap.
Also, we would like to thank Psykok Productions and Ghettotainment editing for the recent help with getting our footage online soon. eventually we will have clips up from old and new. Until then, this is the Bombdropper signing off.

Well, the wait is over. The date for the BattleGround/WTF?W show is set. It will be held in Greenfield on January 28th. The address for the venue will be announced later. We will be having atleast 5 wrestling matches, and atleast 4 fighting matches. So come watch the brutality!!!


This is the WTF?W Bombdropper here to give you the latest info on what's going on within the realm of WTF?W.
We here at WTF?W are proud to announce that there are some new additions to the WTF?W family. First, he is a newcomer in Indiana, but has had matches in New York. He goes by the name "tha Darkness". He looks to have more muscles in his stomache than I have in my whole body!!! The next wrestler is a strictly hardcore crazy nutcase from Illinois. He is "death-head" Jonny Morbyd. We are also happy to announce that the man from the Forrest Hill Cemetery, Mr. Graves, has decided to come back home to WTF?W. We hope That you'll all welcome them with arms wide open, as they show you the reason we call ourselves
Also reporting from word from Vinny Rattlocke that the owner from RCCW has appologized to him for screwing him over during the summer. Vinny had taken that league of unnoticed wrestlers, and got them to perform like one of the top leagues in Indiana. Upon Vinny's return, he hates to say it, but they had regressed back to how they were before he had shown up the first time. RCCW is currently in talks with WTF?W to fly back in and save the league.... Again. There has been no comment on where WTF?W stands as of this time.
Now for more news on WTF?W and BattleGround...
there have been several matches signed for the show in January. first signed match will be a grudge match between Chapel and Kris Kage. these two are always at each other's throats. so what better place to have them take out their aggressions than in the ring. Next match signed is a tagteam match between The newly tagged group of Havok and Jonny Vandal as they will be facing the likes of Tha Darkness and Kevin Frost. Vandal and Havok have recently won tag team titles in RCCW, but Kevin Frost has been recieving "special" training in Missouri, and Tha Darkness is a ball of strength that is unquestionable. These two matches will definately be worth the money, along with the Mixed Martial Arts matches that are all lined up, this night will be total unbridalled insanity, violence, unpredictability, and sheer fun!!! Pease visit the battleground site at
Well that's it for now. Bombdropper signing off.


you heard it strait from here. WTF?W is back in action! we are joining forces with a local MMA league named BattleGround. You will be able to see atleast four WTF?W matches in between the full contact fights!!! Total freakin' action!!! the show is scheduled for either Jan. 21st or 28th in Greensburg. more info later...



several of the wrestlers from WTF?W were welcome to join up with the crew in Michigan to wrestle for OPW (Outlaw Pro Wrestling). We had a great performance and performed in front of JCW alumni/TNA superstar MONTY BROWN. we were later congradulated by him in the back. we are working with OPW's booker in being a mainstay with the fed.

To clear up several rumors that had started 3/4 years ago, and to solve this puzzle, we went strait to the source... Monty Brown. See, many years ago, a wrestler by the name of BoBo Brazil Jr. had claimed that he is the father of the former WWE, and current tna star, Truth aka K Kwick aka Ron Killings. Since Monty and Truth are good friends, we decided to ask him about the relationship between Bo and Ron. And it's official... there is no relation! He actually laughed at the question. so there you have it. Strait from Monty. And that's evidence enough for us here at WTF?W.

GHETTOBELTS INC. making new belt for WTF?W
2nd show in the works!

I am sorry to announce the accidental injury that was inflicted to Psyclone J at the recent RCCW event will result in a long sit out. For those of you who coudn't make it to the show, Psyclone face Vinny Rattlocke in a fans bring the weapons match for thr RCCW X-treme title. Psyclone had a nasty landing when Vinny gave him a tornado DDT onto a mound of keyboards, resulting in a separated sholder. the difference between a dislocated shoulder and a separated shoulder is that there is minimal muscle tearing in a dislocation. Psyclone's injury tore the muscles and ligaments. He was taken to a hospital immediately after the match. For the next couple of months, he is ordered by doctors not to wrestle. Our hearts go out to you, Psyclone!
Thanks to the help of GETTOBELTS INC., another championship belt is underway. This belt is dubbed "the STREETCORE CHAMPIONSHIP". So far, they have the main face plate created. GHETTOBELTS INC. has worked with several other leagues on helping create/modify their championship belts. We would like to thank them for donating their valuable time to help us out on our quest.
Also, to let everyone know we are writng up matches for our next show. It is still a toss up on date and venue. But with all the success we got from the last show, we would be crazy not to continue this as soon as possible. We'll keep you up dated on things.

Does anybody remember Reficule? How about Legacy? Well, they may return someday...

Taking over the world(of wrestling) One Drop toe hold at a time.